Calvary Chapel


Who are we?

We are Christians who hold to the great timeless truths of the Bible. We are evangelical - we believe that the Gospel is the only body of truth that is to be proclaimed and believed upon to receive salvation and eternal life. We are baptists - we believe that when we experience salvation then we are to be baptised.

What is life all about?

Many of us at different times in our lives wonder if there is an answer to this question. The Bible alone has the only answer that explains the purpose and reason for our lives.

Is the Bible true?

The Bible is God's words. It is a unique message for us all. It is a book like no other. It has stood the test of time and of criticism. It's message changes lives and brings us to know God

Does God exist?

How can I be sure that there is a God? There is more proof that God exists than you think. The evidence that God is real and that we can know Him is the greatest discovery we can make

Come and meet us

We have meetings on Sundays and during the week. On Sundays we worship God by singing hymns, praying and listening to a message from the Bible. The services last about an hour. If it is your first time you may like to start by coming to the Gospel Service.

On Sundays the times are:

10.30am Teaching Service

6.00pm Gospel Service

Wednesdays at 7pm we have the Church Prayer Meeting and Bible Study.

For further details please contact us.

The chapel building is accessible to wheelchair users and parents with prams.

It has a toilet for wheelchair users and a baby changing unit. It has a loop system for those who use hearing aids.